Toxic Substance Removal


    The goal of this theme targets on developing engineered nanoparticle-based hazardous waste treatment system in advanced product  development. Our research scope is to discover and develop new nano-enabled technologies that solve critical problems associated with ensuring inexpensive and clean environment from hazardous pollutants. We focus on treatment needs for a challenging contaminant (e.g., pesticides, persistent organic pollutants, arsenic, heavy metals) using various types of manufactured nanomaterials such as TiO2, ZnO, SiO2, Al2O3, silver  nanoparticles, and magnetic nanoparticles. We conduct basic research to  improve scale-up and low-impact manufacturing processes for nanomaterials that have demonstrated promise. Both an “application” of these new materials for toxic substance removal and an “implications” that may lead the negative effect on health and environment are intensively    investigated in our Research Center to obtain the most practical and  inexpensive engineered nanoparticle-based treatment system for truly  environmental protection.