3rd International Young Researchers Workshop on River Basin Environment and Management

3rd International Young Researchers Workshop on
River Basin Environment and Management
21st – 22nd December 2015
Ekatossarot Building, Naresuan University, Thailand

Call for Abstracts and Papers
The importance of the appropriate management of River Basins, Water Resource and Environment are becoming increasingly evident.  Current concerns are water scarcity, deteriorating water quality and the need to control possible catastrophic events such as floods and droughts and a range of associated problems like landslide, erosion, epidemics and many other problems in river basins. Nevertheless, significant advances have been made in the monitoring, treatment and analysis, and prediction of the behavior of riverine systems resulting in better understanding of their mechanisms and the possibility of optimizing these resources as well as being able to control or mitigate the effects of environmental problems.

Under this context, the workshop is organized by International Network for River Basin Environment; Naresuan University (Thailand), University of Yamanashi (Japan), University of Newcastle (Australia), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), Hanoi University of Science (Vietnam), University of Brawijaya (Indonesia), and Center of Research for Environment Energy and Water (CREEW, Nepal).

The objectives of the workshop are

  • Share knowledge and information on recent advances in the overall researches and management of river basin systems,

  • Technical exchanges and capacity building of young researchers and professional,

  • Seek networking for future joint collaborations for research and organizing the events.

This workshop warmly welcomes participation of young researchers, professionals, water managers and policy-makers and to submit papers on the related topics.

Workshop Topics
A: Hydrology Management

  • Hydrological Modelling

  • Hydropower Impacts and Solutions

  • Flood Risk Management

  • Erosion and Sediment Transport

B: Water Resource and Management

  • Groundwater Analysis

  • Eutrophication and agricultural/urban pollution

  • Water environment restoration and rehabilitation

  • Water governance and water justice

  • Irrigated area and non-irrigated area

C: Water Quality and Treatment

  • Water Quality Modelling

  • Microbiological analysis of water environment

  • Biological and physic-chemical water treatment

  • Water and public health

D: Current Environmental Issues

  • Climate Change and Adaptive Water Management

  • Droughts and Desertification

  • Risk Disaster Management

  • Industry and the Environment

Important Dates
Abstract and full paper submission deadline     20th November 2015
Author notification deadline                                       30th November 2015

Submission Information
Presentations are invited on the topics outlined and others falling within the scope of the meeting.
Abstracts of no more than 500 words and papers of 4 – 6 pages should be submitted by 10th November 2015 (Please inform “WORKSHOP TOPIC” and “REQUIRED FINANCIAL SUPPORT or NON- REQUIRED FINANCIAL SUPPORT”).
Abstracts and papers should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper. Paper-style manuscript should be submitted for the selection of financial support.

The presented papers will be considered to publish in Naresuan University Engineering Journal.

Best presentation will be announced on 22nd December 2015

Registration Fees
There will be no charge for any participants

Financial support
Selected young participants at age 30 years or younger and conducting researches in universities or institutes will be provided financial support (round trip air-ticket and/or accommodation) to participate in the workshop.

Visit at Sukhothai Historical Park on 22nd December 2015

Email Submission
Please submit to,
Dr. Wilawan Khanitchaidecha, Chief Secretary,
by including your name, full address, workshop topic, required or non-required financial support and excursion or no excursion.

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Wilawan Khanitchaidecha, Naresuan University, Thailand (Chief Secretary)

  • Dr. Auppatham Nakaruk, Naresuan University, Thailand (Secretary)

  • Prof. Sombat Chuenchooklin, Naresuan University, Thailand

  • Dr. Nishida Kei, University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • Dr. Anthony S. Kiem, University of Newcastle, Australia

  • Dr. Sangam Shrestha, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

  • Dr. Rabin Malla, Center of Research for Environment Energy and Water (CREEW), Nepal


  • Prof. Sarintip Tantani, Naresuan University

  • Prof. Kazama Futaba, University of Yamanashi

  • Dr. Ishidaira Hiroshi, University of Yamanashi

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Shindo Junko, University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • Prof. Sakamoto Yasushi, University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • Dr. Toyama Tadashi, University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • Dr. Haramoto Eiji, University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • Dr. Magome Jun, University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • Dr. Ichikawa Yutaka, University of Kyoto, Japan

  • Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung, Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam

  • Dr. Do Thu Nga, Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam

  • Dr. Dian Sisinggih, Brawijaya University, Indonesia

  • Dr. Saroj K Chapagain, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

  • Dr. Vishnu P Pandey, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

  • Dr. Chanya Pokasoowan, Chinawatra University, Thailand

Sponsored by

  • Water Resource Research Center, Naresuan University, Thailand

  • Centre of Excellent for Innovation and Technology for Water Treatment, Naresuan University, Thailand

  • Interdisciplinary Centre for River Basin Environment (ICRE), University of Yamanashi, Japan

  • The University of Newcastle, Australia

  • SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd (Thailand)